Northants Golf

2017 NGL Order of Merit

The NGL Order of Merit is for the Higgs Bowl, NGL Open, County Championship, Scratch Foursomes and the Am-Am

Player PlayedTotal Points
1stCharlie Salter Northamptonshire County259
2ndBen Jones Northamptonshire County Golf Club254
3rdFergus Robinson Northamptonshire County250
4thMiles Mudge Staverton Park249
5th =Lee HITCHCOCK Overstone Park247
5th =Liam McNeela Kingsthorpe247
7thMikey Chambers Northamptonshire County Golf Club344
8thGraham Bott Cold Ashby Golf Club343
9thRyan connolly Wellingborough Golf Club241
10thMichael Farr Northamptonshire County341
11thCallum Farr Northamptonshire County Golf Club240
12thAndrew Sewell Brampton Heath Golf Centre440
13thMatthew Myers Northamptonshire County Golf Club139
14thMark Davis Wellingborough136
15thTom Burgh Peterborough Milton236
16thStephen Field Brampton Heath Golf Centre336
17thJonathan Harris Wellingborough135
18thTaylor SARGEANT Overstone Park335
19thLewis White Northampton Golf Club133
20thJordan Darnell Kettering233
21stAnthony Lamond Priors Hall333
22ndRyan GENNER Overstone Park332
23rdDaniel Roberts Northamptonshire County131
24thTom bullough Northamptonshire County Golf Club130
25thJay Noye Peterborough Milton Golf Club128
26thBen Smith Northamptonshire County Golf Club126
27thAlexander Sexton Silverstone Golf Club125
28thLuke BARNEY Northampton224
29thJack Brown Brampton Heath Golf Centre122
30thJack Hall Kilworth Springs Golf Club222
31stRobin T WILLIAMS Peterborough Milton Golf Club120
32ndStuart Nicholas Cold Ashby Golf Club119
33rdRichard DALTON Overstone Park118
34th =Gary Noye Peterborough Milton Golf Club116
34th =Tiger Adams Wellingborough Golf Club116
34th =Matt Smith Wellingborough116
37thBrendon Moss Woburn216
38thian symonds Peterborough Milton115
39thIan Wicks Centurion Club114
40thFraser CARNIHAN Overstone Park214
41st =Gary Purton Northamptonshire County Golf Club113
41st =Ian Dickerson Rushden Golf Club113
43rdScott Gordon Priors Hall312
44thGeoff Dyson Peterborough Milton111
45thJames BARKER Overstone Park110
46thJack BINCH Overstone Park19
47thNathan Holt Peterborough Milton18
48th =Alex Dalton Peterborough Milton Golf Club16
48th =Tony Lord Northamptonshire County16
48th =James Northern Wellingborough16
51st =Paul Lovesey Brampton Heath Golf Centre15
51st =Alan FREEMAN Overstone Park15
53rdmatthew bearman Northampton14
54th =Lewis Miller Rushden Golf Club13
54th =Jamie Ashcroft Kettering13
56th =Harry Oddy Northamptonshire County Golf Club12
56th =Ian Kerr Peterborough Milton Golf Club12
58th =David Gottsch Staverton Park Golf Club11
58th =Robert Wilson Priors Hall Golf Club11
60th =Toby Clarke Cold Ashby - STABLEFORD CUP COURSE10
60th =Dean Montgomery Brampton Heath Golf Centre10
60th =Andy Lilly Kettering Golf Club10
60th =Andy Robinson Kettering Golf Club10
60th =Chris Adams Rushden Golf Club10
60th =Harry Leadsom Sunningdale Golf Club10
60th =Jim Campbell Kettering Golf Club10
60th =Mark Conway Cold Ashby Golf Club10
60th =R Stevenson Kettering Golf Club10
60th =Ray Shocklidge Kettering Golf Club10
60th =Steven Alexander Rushden Golf Club10
60th =Darren Buchan Priors Hall10
60th =Trevor Shiells Priors Hall10
60th =Jamie NEWTON Overstone Park10
60th =Graham Jones Kettering10
60th =Anthony Ferns Kibworth10
60th =Marc Asher Kibworth10
60th =Sam Clarke Kibworth10
60th =Grahame Castle Northampton10

Competitions Included

2017 NGL Higgs Bowl ( OOM Event) (Saturday 29th April 2017)

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