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2018 NGL Order of Merit

The NGL Order of Merit is for the Higgs Bowl, NGL Open, County Championship, Scratch Foursomes and the Am-Am.

Order of Merit Archive

Player PlayedTotal Points
1stMichael Farr Northamptonshire County257
2ndCharlie Salter Northamptonshire County254
3rdOwen Watts Northamptonshire County253
4thTiger Adams Wellingborough Golf Club251
5thLee HITCHCOCK Overstone Park250
6thFraser CARNIHAN Overstone Park343
7th =Jordan Darnell Kettering343
7th =Mark Davis Wellingborough343
9thLiam McNeela Kingsthorpe140
10thLuis Witherall Northamptonshire County Golf Club138
11thAndrew Sewell Brampton Heath Golf Centre338
12thMatthew Myers Northamptonshire County Golf Club137
13thFergus Robinson Northamptonshire County133
14thJamie Ashcroft Kettering233
15thAdam Print Overstone Park Golf Club132
16th =Taylor SARGEANT Overstone Park231
16th =Jamie Milligan Wellingborough231
18thIan Wicks Centurion Club130
19thMiles Mudge Staverton Park129
20thAlec Francis Brampton Heath Golf Centre127
21stMatt Smith Wellingborough327
22ndGraham Bott Cold Ashby Golf Club226
23rdJack Brown Brampton Heath Golf Centre125
24thRay Connolly Collingtree Park124
25thMikey Chambers Northamptonshire County Golf Club123
26thNathan Holt Peterborough Milton223
27thJack Hall Kilworth Springs Golf Club323
28thBrendon Moss Woburn122
29thDavid Gottsch Staverton Park Golf Club221
30th =Sam Henfrey Northamptonshire County Golf Club120
30th =Stuart Nicholas Cold Ashby Golf Club120
32nd =Tom Burgh Peterborough Milton119
32nd =James BARKER Overstone Park119
34thTom Laver Hellidon Lakes Golf Club219
35th =S Smail Peterborough Milton Golf Club118
35th =Simon Purkiss Peterborough Milton Golf Club118
35th =Jonathan Harris Wellingborough118
35th =Lee Smith Wellingborough118
39thSam Ludlow Peterborough Milton117
40thChris White Hunstanton217
41st =Phil Hughes Peterborough Milton Golf Club116
41st =Corey Neville Kingsthorpe116
43rdRoger Green Northamptonshire County Golf Club115
44th =Alex Izzard Northampton Golf Club114
44th =Neil Brown Peterborough Milton Golf Club114
44th =Joe Witty Northamptonshire County114
44th =Jamie NEWTON Overstone Park114
44th =Roger Butler Wellingborough114
49th =Paul Armitage Peterborough Milton Golf Club113
49th =Richard Cole Peterborough Milton Golf Club113
49th =matthew bearman Northampton113
52nd =Martin Humphries Peterborough Milton Golf Club112
52nd =Max Faulkner Northamptonshire County112
52nd =Dominic Ralfs Peterborough Milton112
52nd =Luke BARNEY Northampton112
56th =Harry Larkins Northamptonshire County Golf Club111
56th =Michael Forgione Staverton Park Golf Club111
56th =Geoff Dyson Peterborough Milton111
56th =Marcel Aarts Kettering111
60th =Lewis Miller Rushden Golf Club110
60th =Andy Limbert Northampton110
62ndchris savage Peterborough Milton Golf Club19
63rd =Joe Mennell Collingtree Park Golf Club18
63rd =Matthew EVANS Overstone Park Golf Club18
65thHarry Oddy Northamptonshire County Golf Club17
66thGrahame Castle Northampton27
67thStuart Bell Kettering16
68thTony Lord Northamptonshire County15
69thRobert Wilson Priors Hall Golf Club14
70th =Stephen Field Brampton Heath Golf Centre13
70th =Darren Buchan Priors Hall13
72nd =Graham Truby Northampton Golf Club11
72nd =Ryan GENNER Overstone Park11
74th =Toby Clarke Cold Ashby - STABLEFORD CUP COURSE10
74th =Elliott Metcalfe Brampton Heath Golf Centre10
74th =Alan Woan Overstone Park Golf Club10
74th =Daniel Portus Priors Hall Golf Club10
74th =David Smith Overstone Park Golf Club10
74th =James Lovett Kirby Muxloe Golf Club10
74th =Jim Burberry Cold Ashby Golf Club10
74th =Lawrence Ryan Overstone Park Golf Club10
74th =Mason Geddes Collingtree Park Golf Club10
74th =Neil McALLISTER Overstone Park Golf Club10
74th =Paul Freeman Priors Hall10
74th =Scott Gordon Priors Hall10
74th =Trevor Shiells Priors Hall10
74th =Mr W Beard Overstone Park10
74th =Richard DALTON Overstone Park10
74th =Marc Asher Kibworth10
74th =Sam Clarke Kibworth10
74th =Thomas Nickelson Northampton10
74th =Adam Sherlock Wellingborough10
74th =James Northern Wellingborough10

Competitions Included

2018 NGL Higgs Bowl ( OOM Event) (Saturday 28th April 2018)

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